Sunday, November 04, 2007

Motorbikes for my children

"What! No way!", I could imagine the answer that would come out from my wife if I would suggest to buy a motorbike for my children. I guess every parents would be concerned about the safety of their children and riding a motorbike is considered very dangerous. Of course I do not expect my small daughters to ride a big motorbike, the one that I use to go to work. That would be ridiculous.

No, I am talking about a mini motorbikes or Pocket Bikes. The bikes are available in everything from the smallest 48cc mini's to the much larger and more powerful 125cc-150cc Super Pocket Bikes. Since I enjoy riding a motorbike, having my children riding pocket bikes and going for a stroll along the neighbourhood would be an enjoyable activity for us. And if I want a more stylish mini bikes for my children I would choose the Mini Choppers. That would really attracts the attention of the onlookers.

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