Monday, November 12, 2007

Finding the right person

An Indian lady with her 4 years old daughter came into the shop. She approached my wife who was there to stand in for me while I took a bath. She asked whether there is any vacancy in the shop. My wife told her that there is no vacancy as we have enough staffs to look after the shop. Even if there is not enough staffs, would I hire the lady?

The answer would definitely be "NO". The reasons are plentiful. She is not qualified for the position. I would need to find people with the right "expertise" or knowledge to look after the shop and maintain the computers. Even now, I have two workers, one who does not have much knowledge about computers while the other one does. I find that I am less worried about the condition of the computers as I can rely on the staff that have computer knowledge.

You don't simply hire any Tom, Dick and Harry to do your job. You need to find the right person for that job. This is even more true when you need to find people for risk management jobs. You can check out A.E.Feldman Associates, a second-generation executive search and consulting firm. Feldman Associates, Inc. is aware of the needs to find the right person for the job. Their their knowledge, contacts and feel for their respective fields enable them to make the best matches and find the tightest fits for each job. It is worth spending extra money to find the right person for your job as it can lessens your worries and burdens.

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