Tuesday, November 20, 2007

She is a teacher.

She likes to teach. No, not my wife but Annabelle. When her younger siblings have not arrived yet, she would just listen and try to learn the lessons we taught her. She has been slow in registering new information but once she has registered it in her mind, she would remember it well.

When Clarissa was about a year plus, we started to teach her some lessons. Annabelle would also join in. Many times after we finished teaching the lessons, Annabelle would stand up and then try to be the teacher to Clarissa. She would imitate what we have done during the lessons.

Recently, her mother bought for her some make-up kits. Well, it is actually Annabelle who wanted it. She would apply the make-up on her face and then teach Clarissa to do the same. I think when she grows up she can go to cosmetology schools and learn the skills there. Then she can apply whatever she has learned and teach others also. She can even open a salon and enjoy doing what she likes best.

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