Saturday, November 17, 2007

Running Of The Bulls

If you are visiting Spain in July, make sure you visit Pamplona in the Northern part of Spain. If you are a Catholic then you can join and enjoy the celebrations for San Fermin, the patron saint of the city. If you are not, then you can enjoy the Running of the Bulls or “Encierro”.

How does “Encierro” started? It began during the festival of the bullfight. The bulls that are being used in the bullfight that evening were "run" by the drovers from their enclosure through the streets and into the pens within the bullring "Plaza de Toros". As time passed by the locals decided to also run along with the bulls. Later the more daring decided to run in front of the bulls. Since 1852 the route for the “Encierro” remains the same, from Santo Domingo Street, through the Plaza Consistorial and along Estafeta Street via the dangerously twisting Mercaderes Street. The run itself is about half a mile long through cobbled, narrow streets marked out by a tall, sturdy double-lined fence.

If you are daring enough do consider joining the Run. Of course you need to be screened before being allowed to participate. While you are there, you can stay in any of the hoteles en españa. There are many cheap hoteles en españa that you can book online. If you are visiting Madrid, you can stay in hoteles en madrid.

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