Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where is the table?

We bought a new chair. It is the chair that is normally used by the executives in a company. It can be reclined a bit and made of durable pvc material. But the main reason we bought the chair is for comfort and health purposes. The previous chair is very uncomfortable. It is not good for our posture. Since we spent quite a considerable time using the computer we know that we need to find a good chair.

Our next task is to find another table. My wife has bought a new laptop and we are sharing the computer table. It is not a good arrangement for her as she has to use the side of the computer table. I found this website that offers office furniture, school furniture, computer carts, medical furniture and even LAN Racks. LAN Racks is shown as in the side picture. No, of course I am not buying the LAN rack. It is used mostly in computer shop where they need to stack the computer casing and monitors. If I decided to start a computer shop, then I would probably need to buy the LAN rack.

As for now, maybe I will get the Modesty Panel table. Yes there is such thing as Modesty panel table. This table is designed in such a way that people who is in front of the table would not be able to see your sexy leg as it is fully covered by another panel. But then again, in my own house, I do not mind seeing my wife's sexy leg. Hehehe... .

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