Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Check it online

I wonder why my tenant Nasser wants to buy a second hand car. He has the means to buy a new car. I am sure that his father would be willing to help him out if he were to ask his father. Well, that is his choice and decision. He has to travel all the way to Puchong to buy that second hand car. He told me that he has tried looking for a suitable car in Melaka but did not manage to find one.

Later he found one car that he likes in the magazine MotorTrader. He should have look for the car online. If I were him, I would look for Honda Cars. The car designs are attractive and so is the quality. I would say that Honda Car Prices is quite affordable. Even then every interested buyer should ask for Honda Car Quotes so that they can compare prices offered by different dealers. But then again, Nasser has his own preferences. Whatever it is, it is better to search online first.

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