Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Teach him swimming

I wonder what Barnabas would grow up to be like. Would he be like his father who prefers outdoor activities and sports? Or would he prefers to study and be more of a thinker. Well, I do hope that he prefers the outdoor activities and would take at least one sport.

I would sure want him to learn swimming. It is one of the skills that is very important to master. Unlike his daddy who only started swimming at a very "old age", I would want him to learn swimming while he is still young. There are three fish ponds at the back of the house. Maybe will teach him to swim there first instead of going to the swimming pool. Or if I do have lots of money, I can convert the fish ponds to a proper swimming pool. I can engage az pool remodeling to build and maintain the pool. At the same time I can brush up my swimming skills.

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