Saturday, November 10, 2007

What else?

Now that the new business is put on hold, I still have to find ways to get more income. Spoken to wife about our future and she is quite sure that she wants to be a SAHM (staying at home mommy). If she were to do that our income would be reduced dramatically, and I really mean dramatically. God has really blessed us with her job. Indeed it is her income that has pull us through this past one year.

What can I do when she stops work? Of course the internet business is there but it is not generating income for me. Well, maybe I can do other business like network marketing. I already signed up with USANA but has not been promoting it due to other priorities. Alternatively, I can be a coin dealer and sells gold coins or bullions. I know that many people are finding ways to put their money into some forms of investment. Buying gold coins as investment have been proven to be a good choice. There are many good coin dealer companies and one of them is Monaco Rare Coin. Check them out. Then let me know whether it is good for me to be involved in selling gold coins.

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