Monday, November 12, 2007


I didn't realised that I played Mosiang 80% of my awake time. That's what my wife told me. I think she calculated it for me yesterday or this morning. Wah... that's a long long time to spend time on a game. Let's say I am awake for about 16 hours. 80% of 16 hours is about 13 hours. Yesterday, I went to church for 3 hours already. Then at the evening I went for soccer for about 3 hours. Then nite time went to Tesco with wifey for about 1.5 hour.

Looks like the total time not playing Mosiang yesterday was 7.5 hours. Of course this is assuming that I don't eat or bath or do other things except playing Mosiang and the three other things I did yesterday. That would mean that the % of hours I spent on Mosiang yesterday while I am awake is only 53%. Hmmm... wonder where she get the answer as 80%.


Michelle said...

that is just a "figure" of speech to let u know that u played mosiang all the time when u r at home..maybe i shud rephrase it to playing mosiang 80% when u r at home. :P

David Bong said...

lol.... if it is just a "figure" of speech, you should use 100% to drive in the point that you want to make.

hmmm.... maybe 200% is a better figure.

or..... maybe 1000% is more to get my attention.

lol....and use words like "ALWAYS", & "NEVER". Of course that would not be true, but it is still a better "figure of speech".