Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do you love to give?

As usual when it is near Christmas, people would be planning on what to buy and give to their loved ones. It could be a joy to buy and give to others. Or it could also be a dread to know that Christmas is nearing soon. As for me, Christmas has always brought mixed feelings. As much as I want to celebrate God’s goodness in sending Jesus to die for man, I can’t help but to feel that Christmas has been too commercialized. The main focus of Christmas now is the gifts.

Yes, if you ask the children on what they associate Christmas with, the answer would most probably be Santa Claus and receiving gifts. If we give gifts because we want to show love then Christmas would be a joy. However if we give because we have to, then Christmas would be a dread. Those who love to give should check out It is a place where you can buy gifts for your loved ones without the need to queue at the shopping mall.

You can search through the various brands or sellers and buy it online on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Various stores like,, CompUSA, Disney Store, Macys, Kohls, JoAnn Fabrics and many more will be selling their products online through You can even be alerted via email when new ads have been posted. Maybe I need to buy the Ionic Pro® Compact Air Purifier from for my room. Anybody willing to give it to me?

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