Monday, November 12, 2007

Make Money Selling Sunglasses!

Now that I am not allowed to be online most of the time because my wife thinks that I will play Mosiang 80% of my awake time (just a figure of speech), I would have to find other ways to spend my time. Of course, since my time is taken up to look after the children, I do not really have other time to do other things. But then again my wife wants to resign and that would mean that I would have to find other means to support the family.

Maybe I can get extra income by selling Sunglasses. Yes, there is a big market for sunglasses. Try to observe the people in the street especially those riding the motorbike or even at the beach. You will notice that most of them would wear sunglasses. Some would wear it for eye protection but most would wear it to look good. Whatever the reasons may be, there is a demand for sunglasses. I can find Wholesale Sunglasses and try and sell it at my shop. Hopefully, with that extra income, I can support my family.

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