Monday, November 12, 2007

Spare the rod spoils the child

The time has come for me to use the cane on Barnabas. No, not that I will simply cane him for my own enjoyment. No father will simply cane the son for fun. Only evil father do that.

Barnabas is almost 2 years old already. He understands a lot of things though he does not talk much. He learns and starts to imitate other people especially from his sisters. All the while the cane has not been used on him but he realised that being caned is not a good thing. He would be quiet when the sisters are being caned. But he also noticed that he can get away with doing "naughty" things without being caned. So the time has come for him to learn good habits and not to do naughty things. The cane will be his unconscious teacher, directing his thoughts and mind to behave properly.

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