Sunday, November 04, 2007

You in charge

There was a time when consumers are "in control" of which bank they want to apply for a loan. The banks would listen to them and try as much as possible to agree to offer the consumer the loan as according to the consumer's demands. Now however it is the bank that controls the situation and consumers do not have much say as to the condition of the loan that they are applying. All the conditions, terms of agreement are set by the bank and very seldom the bank would modify it to suit the customer's needs.

Now, consumers can have a little bit more control. With Modernlend, you can have complete control over the use of your information when applying for a home loan online. You can decide not just which lender you ultimately decide to go with, but which lenders have the privilege to compete for your business.

Whether you apply for a home equity loan or home refinance with Modernlend, you can view and compare all the lenders that can offer the loan you are asking for. You will receive from lender the information about their programs. Not all lenders provide the same friendly service. With Modernlend you can also review ratings for each lender created by people like you, who have previously selected the lender on our site.This would help you greatly in choosing the suitable lender for your loan needs.

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