Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Climbing toilet bowl

Annabelle can climb the toilet bowl by herself already. Today, as she wants to go and do her business in the toilet, she asked me accompany her. Looks like I have to do another shit watching. When we were in the toilet I grabbed her hand to help her climb. She pulled her hand away and told me that she can climb the toilet bowl all by herself. I smiled and just stand there. True to what she said, she managed to climb on the toilet bowl without my help.

I then went outside the toilet and do the shit watching. Prefers to do the shit watching outside the toilet as the smell of the shit could be very very smelly. Today's shit is dark brown and brown in colors. Washed her ass with water and soap and then watched her climbed down the toilet bowl all by herself. Praised her for her success in climbing up and down the toilet bowl all by herself. Now, my responsibilities would be lesser a bit.

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