Saturday, October 20, 2007

Young coconut water for my children

Clarissa vomited again just now. I think it is because of the Yakult drinks that she drank. Maybe her stomach could not take that drink yet. Oh well, the rest of the Yakult drinks would be consumed by me then.

Since the doctor advised to give coconut water to the children or isotonic drinks like 100 Plus or Isomax, I decided to pluck young coconuts for them. There a few low coconut trees near the fish ponds at the back of my house. Tried using the existing bamboo stick to pluck it but it is too thin and not suitable to pluck the coconut. So I had to cut a new bigger thicker bamboo stick, trimmed its' smaller branches. With this new bamboo stick I managed to pluck 4 young coconuts. Hmm....the water taste refreshing and the coconut flesh is delicious too.

Ah... the joy of staying in a village. Free coconut water.

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