Thursday, October 25, 2007

No New Car

Looks like our plan to get a new car has to be postponed. Since all the money that is allocated for the car has to be channeled elsewhere, it may be that we will just make do with our present old cars. There is no major problems with our present old cars but it is not suitable for long distance travel should we need to go outstation. And we do plan to go outstation for our holidays.

I guess we will have to make do with our present cars for the time being. Looks like I have to go to the auto accessories shop to install a few things to make the car more comfortable. The radio player that is not working properly will need to be replaced. Maybe I will get a CD player as I want to listen to Christian songs from the CDs. I am not sure whether I will tint the car windows although that is one of the plans. Anyway, I will need to help my wife with her paid posts to pay for the expenses.

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