Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ekzos pipe is costly

This morning I went to look for the ekzos service centre. There is one near my place. Went there and ask him whether he can go out and bring the car back to the shop. He said no and asked me instead to drive the car to the shop. He asked me to tie up the ekzos and drive the car. That is it.... with that kind of reply, I will not give him the business. So, I went to search for another ekzos service centre near the place I parked my car.

Managed to find one. Thank God that the shop owner is willing to drive the car to the shop. Went with him to the car. He managed to tie up the ekzos and drove the car to the shop. At the shop he told me that I have to change the front portion of the ekzos. He also advise me to change to a new ekzos pipe as the existing ekzos pipe is quite old. After consulting with my Finance Minister, we agreed to do so. Total cost is RM460.00. Waseh....

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