Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drink Camomile

I still have the Camomile tea packets, courtesy of Lei Shia. If I can remember it correctly, she bought it for my wife when my wife was in lots of pressures from the boss. I made the opening ceremony of opening the tea box and helped myself to a mug of camomile tea. As for my wife, she only tried the tea after I prepared it for her, which is like a few months after Lei Shia gave it to her. Don’t know why. Maybe it is just that she does not have any likings to tea.

Just now my wife prepared two mugs of camomile tea for me and herself. Now, I’m enjoying the smell and taste of camomile tea. Lei Shia said that camomile tea is good when one is under stress. Since I am under stress to write more paid posts, this tea is indeed suitable for me. Thanks Lei Shia.

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