Saturday, October 06, 2007

Credit card is useful

Had to change the ekzos pipe for my car. It is not only the front portion of the ekzos that needs to be changed but also the back portion of the pipe. In other words, the ekzos service centre guy told me to change to a new ekzos pipe.

"How much?" I asked him.

After calculating and adding everything, he told me, "Only RM450".

"Wah, so expensive kah?" I told him, hinting for a discount. "Give discount a bit lah".

"No lah, that is very cheap already." He insisted.

Knowing that he would not changed his mind, I give up on asking for a discount. I asked him whether he accepts credit card payment. He said yes and even tell me the various credit cards that is accepted at his shop. I thanked God that I brought my credit card with me. It is useful in times of emergency like this. I did not expect that the cost could be so much and did not bring enough cash. When my existing credit card expires, I would look for the best credit card offers and apply for one. It is very handy to have one in the wallet.

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