Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gold Watch From My Father

When I was young, my family has not much to spend. We were kind of poor with only my father working to support 10 of us. Though we do not have much on luxurious things we were quite happy with what we have. When I say "luxurious" I mean the normal slightly expensive things that other children would have like ice-creams, eating out, movies, nice shoes, nice set of clothing and things as such. What I have are the hand-down things from my older brothers, especially my clothing. Things get a little better when my older sisters started working. My parents get to have something more valuable from the children like a good watch or gold jewelleries.

When my father passed away, he left a watch. It is not a gold watch. It is only gold in color. As the size of the watch fits my wrist, I use it for a year or so. It was precious to me as it reminds me of my father. After a year or so, the watch stopped clicking and I kept it in my mother's drawer. Unfortunately as time passed by, somehow the watch got lost. I can still remember that watch and my father.

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