Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We Are Poor

It is confirmed. One of my brothers gave me a call and told me that he needs the money by end of this week. I was like “oh…ok…so fast kah?... I thought you only need it by next month”. Anyway, a promise is a promise. I was not so sure whether we do have the full amount of money requested by him. So, I told him that I will check first with my wife and get back to him later.

Upon checking our Paypal and bank account, we do have the full amount. I am thankful that though we seem to be poor and the business has yet to make profits, God has blessed us with other source of income. It is more like my wife’s money since most of it is through her hard efforts in blogging. Despite our “proverty” we are able to help others who are in need. I know that some people resorted to finding the Best Credit Cards offer and use the credit card to help ease their financial needs. God is faithful. Now, I have to do more paid posts.

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