Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do I need a break?

My wife is asking me to go for a holiday. She is having a long break during this Hari Raya holidays and is wondering whether we could go for a holiday somewhere. Not really sure where we will go or whether we will be going at all.

During dinner last night, we talked about it again. Suddenly she said, "Lets go to East Coast for the weekend breaks". For a moment my mind rushed to think about what she meant by "East Coast". Could she meant it as going to Trengganu or Pahang situated east of Malaysia Peninsular. Then I realized that she is talking about East Coast, Australia.

"Wah... go Australia?" I remarked back.
"Yalo...its cheap to go there. We can take take any of the cheap flights to Australia, stay there for a few days and then come back lah", she replied.

"But what about our children?" I asked her. With that question the thoughts of going for a holiday vanishes into thin air.

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