Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fat women have difficulties in conceiving

Is it true that fat women have difficulties in conceiving a child? My neighbour got married earlier than me. Both the wife and him are of heavy built and would be considered fat. Until now they have yet to be blessed with a child. My brother also married a big size girl (meaning a fat girl) and until now they are still without a child. He has been married for about 3 years.

Now, I am not saying that if a girl is fat she would definitely not able to conceive and give birth. It all depends on the body, on whether the body is able to conceive and carry the baby through the nine months. However, if the chances of having a baby are greatly reduced because of being fat, then it would be better to consider weight loss surgery. The best option is still to gradually slim down by way of exercising and maintaining healthy diet program. Unfortunately, more often than not lack of self control and determination got the upper hand and the person is back to the “fat” square one. Above it all, one should remember God as at the end of all discussions and thoughts, He is the Giver of life and he closes and opens the wombs in accordance to His wonderful plan.

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