Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My best guy friend called me the other day. As usual, when he calls, it is either than he is back in Melaka or there are some things or helps that he wants to inquire. So it was indeed a surprise to hear from him that the call is just to say hello. Well, after I got married and have children and after he got married and moved away to another state, we hardly have time to go out and catch up on each other’s life. Phone calls are made when necessary, i.e. normally when there are favors to be asked from each other.

I remember that at one point of his career life, he was asked by his employer if he would consider going to work in Mexico. His company is opening a factory there and would want him to work there to supervise the factory’s production. He was quite interested to go as he says that he would treat it as going for a Mexico Vacation. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you want to see it) the plan was cancelled. Now, he is working in another company, having a nice paying job and already got married. His name is JK.

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