Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy's Turn

After eating smoked ham, 3 cheese sausages, and one fried egg for dinner, I had to attend to my children’s purging and vomiting. I thought everything would be okay for me. Almost midnight, I started to feel nauseas and giddy.

By the time I managed to write one post on my blog, I already feel like vomiting. Went to the toilet immediately and there all the smoked ham, sausages and egg went down the toilet bowl. Ewwch … I really don’t like the smell and taste of the vomit.

Thank God that everything come out…from the mouth and also the ass. Felt slightly better after that. Arggh… maybe my wife wants to poison me. Must be careful from today onwards. That cunning lady….trying to use my children situation to poison her husband.

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