Thursday, October 25, 2007

To be a businessman

It is not easy to be a businessman. Just because you have the capital at hand and had the desire to start a business does not necessarily make you a businessman. And even after you had started the business, you would still have to work hard to make it successful. Sometimes other factors come into play. Two of the shops along my internet cafe closed their business. One is selling handphones and the other one is a Nasi Ayam restaurant. Both owners have opened other shops and have the experience needed. However, the business still does not make enough profit and had to be closed down. I thank God that my internet cafe does not have to suffer the same consequences. I am impressed with Bob MacDonald achievements in business. He was the CEO of the merged companies of LifeUSA and Allianz North America and with a few books already in the market. Maybe I need to Learn Bob’s secrets to business and entrepreneurial success . It is good to learn for those who have made to the top and have experiences to share.

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