Monday, October 22, 2007

Holiday plans canceled

I thank God for granting me good health again. Am feeling much better now than last week when I was down with diarrhea and fever for about 4 days. In fact the whole family was down with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach-ache or some kind of discomfort. It was really a “sick week” for us. A few of the holiday plans that we have planned earlier had to be cancelled. We are unable to attend the family gathering at Tebong. Hari Raya visitation to our Malay friends’ house had to be postponed. And our own family get-away had to be canceled.

I guess it is not time for us to go for a holiday yet. Though we plan but circumstances just does not permit us to do so. Who knows, instead of just going for a holiday locally, we would be going for a holiday in Australia or New Zealand. There are cheap flights available now. Various international flights are available to these two destinations. Of course we would prefer the Qantas when we are in Australia. From we can take Singapore Airlines or even United Airlines to Australia. Ahh… waiting for the day to come.

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