Monday, October 29, 2007

Hawaii Kauai

Where is the wettest island on earth? I do not think many would know the answer. Some would immediately search online to get the answer. Some would think that Ireland is the wettest island but that answer is wrong. The right answer is Kauai island, the island located at the top of the Hawaiian Island chain. Now that you know the answer, let us see What to Do in Kauai, the wettest island in the world.

Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean has its advantages. This island is blessed with beautiful beaches with strong waves. When we talk about strong waves, the waves surfers would be delighted. Well, most pro surfers would know about the waves in Oahu but the waves in in Kauai is equally challenging. Will talk more about the waves in Oahu in another post. Especially for couples (married couples especially), both of you must walk along the beach at sunset and rekindle the romance you have with each other. And if you are ready to get married, you might even want to get married in the Waioli Hutia Church (picture shown).

Besides the beach, one can also visit the Hanalei Valley Lookout and enjoy the spectacular view of the island. The valley is surrounded by mountain ridges and would be a delight for photographers. The beautiful colors of green valley contrasted with the blue sky and white clouds would create beautiful pictures in your camera. Visitors can also go hiking or snorkeling depending on one's choice of activities. If you are looking for places to stay, Kauai vacation rentals offer good choices for visitors. Check out Kauai Travel Blog for more information.

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