Monday, October 29, 2007

Hawaii Oahu

Welcome to Oahu, Hawaii. Oahu is located below Kauai island. As mentioned in my earlier post, Oahu is famous and well known among world class surfers. It is said the surfing was birthed in Oahu although this claim was not authenticated. Most people believe that surfing has its beginning in Polynesia. The tribal chiefs in Hawaii use surfing not only for recreation but also for ritual activities. Now surfing has evolved tremendously and has become a popular sport worldwide.

If you are not into surfing like me, you can still have a list of things to do in Oahu. Oahu is also famous for its Shark Adventure trip. You can travel 3 1/2 miles to the ocean and you can hop in the shark cage with a mask and snorkel. Let the sharks pay you a visit, up close and personal. I am sure that would be a lifetime experience that you would not forget.

For those who are interested in the beauty of the seaworld, snorkeling and scuba-diving activities are also available. Or you can search of the Humpback Whales and watch the spectacular whales swimming in the water.

You can find more information from Oahu Vacation Info or even from Kauai Travel Blog about what you can do in Oahu. For a place to stay, check out Hawaii home rentals.

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