Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goji berries

The western world called it Goji Berries. The Chinese are very familiar with it and called it "kei chi". It is very common among the Chinese as they often use Goji berries in their everyday consumption. Goji berries is used in Chinese herbal soup and if you go to a Chinese restaurant and order their herbal soup, you might find Goji berries as one of the ingredients. And you will definitely find it in the Chinese herbal medicine shop. Its nutritions and benefits are long known by the Chinese "singseh" or herbal medicine doctor.

Goji berries is also used in making drinks. It is sweet in taste and can be eaten raw although most of the goji berries in the market is in dried form. One common known benefit of Goji berries among the Chinese people is that it is good for better vision. There are other benefits of Goji berries and the world are starting to explore its vasts potentials. Among other benefits of Goji berries are that it helps to lower the cholesterol levels, improve mental clarity, boosts male virility. Scientific efforts are undergoing to determine the exact medicinal value of Goji Berry juice.

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