Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deciding Where to Eat

We went out for dinner last night. As usual, we had to discuss on where to go. Yes, you read it right. Various factors will come up like these major factors:
1. What food the children can eat?
2. What food Michelle wants to eat?.
3. Where or which foodcourt/restaurant that caters to these two factors?
4. How much would the cost be?
5. Would Michelle's mother be able to look after the children or at least Barnabas?
6. Is there any other purpose in going out (e.g. need to buy household things).

Hahaha...after considering all these factors, we decided to go to Newton Foodcourt at Ujong Pasir. Send Barnabas to Michelle's mother and off we went for our dinner. Along the way we changed our mind and decided to eat at a sort off newly opened Chinese Western Food restaurant at Pulau Gadong. We ordered Fried Rice for the children, Fish & Chips for Michelle, Mushroom Soup, Seafood TomYam for myself and drinks. The TomYam is nice. The fish is not so fresh (got not fresh taste). All in all it was considered cheap for the four of us. Might go there again for the Tomyam. Then off we go to Tesco for our household shopping.

Looks like this is the pattern of determining where we will be having our meals. Six major factors had to be taken into consideration. I wonder whether other families would have other factors included in.


Jesslyn said...

For me, my kids will be in top priority. The place we choose must serve foods that suitable for them, else NO go.

Also, usually my hubby is the one who make decision as he knows better than me food ard Melaka.

David Bong said...

Yalo...looks like the children are controlling our lives..hehehehe.

As for me, Michelle will make the decision on where to eat. She very choosy compared to me regarding food so I let her choose lah. Makes my life