Tuesday, October 23, 2007


“Daddy, what is that?” Belle pointing to a multivend machine outside the restaurant. She saw two small boys putting in coins into the machine and got a ball.

“That’s a vending machine” I answered. Silence. I turned and look at her. A puzzled look on her face. Obviously she does not understand the word “vending”. She looked at me looking for more explanation. My mind did a hurried browsing on my vocabularies store, searching for other words to explain to her. “Vending?” she asked again. She tried to register that word in her mind and associating it with the machine.

“Well, it is where you can get something from the machine when you put money inside it. If you want the toys or ball inside the vending machine box, you must pay by putting a coin first. Then the ball will come out and you will get the ball.” I tried to explain further, hoping that she would understand better.

“Oh…” she replied with a nod as though she understands what I said to her. I do hope she understands it or at least remember the word.

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